G & F Breaking the Sin Cycle Bible Reading Plan and Journal

G & F Breaking the Sin Cycle Bible Reading Plan and Journal

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Our first official G & F Bible Reading Plan! Prayerfully designed to guide you through the Scriptures in order to help you break free from the sin cycle and live out your day-to-day life as God's Good and Faithful. It includes four sections with specific passages for you to read, reflect on, and meditate over throughout your day. This journal version of the reading plan also includes space for you to write down whatever God is showing you in response to those questions. This way you can better remember what the Word has shown you and look back at all that God has led you through in your journey to break free from the sin cycle.

This reading plan stands alone or as an addition to the "Breaking the Sin Cycle" series on our podcast, The Good and Faithful Show. Find the series and more episodes here.

Week 1 - Renewal of the Mind

Various passages that focus on the practical nature of Scripture meditation. Reflection questions to help you focus on the Word of God throughout your day. Prayer invitations to ask God to transform you by the renewal of your mind through His Word.

Week 2 - The Sin Problem

Various passages that help to provide a more robust perspective on the sin problem. Reflection questions that help you identify where you may not have understood what the Bible says about sin. Prayer invitations to ask God to show you a better understanding of your own battle with sin.

Week 3 - The Gospel

Various passages the help to shine a new light on the depth of the Gospel. Reflection questions meant to expand your understanding and application of the Gospel in your life. Prayer invitations to ask God to help you believe in the Gospel and walk in the freedom it is meant to give you.

Week 4 - Abiding in Christ

Various passages meant to give you a biblical approach to abiding in Christ. Reflection questions to help you set your mind on the things above where Christ is seated. Prayer invitations to ask God to draw you into His presence so that you can abide in Him and He in you.

We are so excited for you to get started! We pray it blesses you and gives you the truth you need to walk in the freedom Christ has promised.

"If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31b-32)

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