Blessing the Nations - Advancing God's Kingdom

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Our Vision

To see Christ-followers in the US influencing the world with Gospel-centered living in the household, the schoolhouse, the workplace, and the marketplace. Good and Faithful wants to be part of the effort to stir God’s people up into love and good works.

Our Mission

To inspire, educate, and empower God’s people to leverage all that they’ve been given to bless the nations[1] and advance His Kingdom.[2]


Our How

We create inspiring content that magnifies the love of God,[3] the power of His Gospel,[4] and the hope we have in Christ.[5]

We create educational, biblically sound content intended to increase biblical literacy and help Christ-followers develop a biblical perspective on the lives they have in Christ.[6]

We create empowering content that teaches believers how to abide in Christ[7] and how to walk into the good works that God prepared for them.[8]


Listen to our podcast, The Good and Faithful Show, for practical instruction on various topics that impact the daily life of a Christ-follower. We cover all kinds of topics from the spiritual disciplines that help us grow in our intimacy with Christ, to the simple life skill of managing our time so we can be available for the work that God has for us. 

Check out our various blog series; Devotionals, Foundations, and Exhortations. Various Christian blogs meant to inspire, educate, and empower you to draw near to God and to leverage all that He has given you to bless the nations and advance His Kingdom.

Choose your favorite G & F Christian Apparel t-shirt or hoodie and spark thoughtful conversation about the hope you have in Christ. All proceeds go to supporting this ministry. 


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