S2 Episode 6: Breaking the Sin Cycle Pt. 4


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Thank you for joining us for Season 2 Episode 6: Breaking the Sin Cycle Pt. 4. Here you’ll find episode notes and passages discussed, for you to pray and meditate over as we work together to walk in the victory that Christ purchased for us. The Word tells us to confess our sins to one another, and so we will, because we ARE the Good and Faithful!

In this episode we began by reviewing what we’ve covered so far.

Part 1:What is the Sin Cycle

Defined the sin cycle

Distinguished the sin cycle from the process of sanctification

Dove deeper into the nature of sin

Part 2: How to meditate over Scripture

Defined meditation of Scripture and how it is practical

Dove deeper into the nature of the Gospel

Discussed the information fast and introduced the G & F Breaking the Sin Cycle Bible Reading Plan

Part 3: How to find godly counsel

Defined godly counsel

Established biblical basis for needing godly counsel

Discussed how to identify someone who can provide godly counsel

Discussed how to be involved in the process


Now, with that, we stepped into part 4 of our series where we focused on how to confess our sins and how that helps us break free from the sin cycle.

We started off by establishing three reasons why confession of sin is so important:

1. Sin thrives in darkness

2. Sin keeps us from prospering in our mission to bless the nations and advance the Kingdom of God

3. Confession of sins brings about the healing for our souls that we as the Good and Faithful desperately need 

We then jumped into how to confess by covering four different, but equally important approaches to confession

1. Confess your sins to God. This seems obvious, but we expounded a little on this by offering a perspective that many often don't consider

2. Confess your sins to a group of Christ-followers. While this may seem intimidating, we explained why this can be so powerful and how God can use confession in a group setting to actually redeem our sins and build up the Body

3. Confess your sins to an individual Christ-follower. We explained the importance of having someone you can come to who can intercede for you and redirect your focus back on Jesus

4. Confess your sins against a specific person. We broke this last approach down by identifying proper motivations behind this and pitfalls to avoid

Passages Included

Psalm 32
Proverbs 28:13 
James 5:13-16
1 Peter 2:23-25
John 9:1-5
1 John 1:8-10
Matthew 5:25-26
1 Peter 2:9
Matthew 5:23-24
1 John 1:5-8


Thank you for joining us for pt.4 in our Breaking the Sin Cycle series. Click here for more episodes! 

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