S2 Episode 10: How to Make Disciples Pt. 2


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Thank you for joining us for Season 2 Episode 9: How to Make Disciples Pt. 2. Here you’ll find episode notes and passages discussed, for you to pray and meditate over as we work together to fulfill our Great Commission. The Word tells us to live like Christ, and so we will, because we ARE the Good and Faithful!

This episode is the second episode in our series, "How to Make Disciples." After briefly reviewing what was discussed in Part 1, we jumped right into this episode with three main points:

1. You reproduce what you are

2. Making disciples, just like being a disciple, is a lifestyle

3. How to make disciples is explained by understanding what "ministry" is all about

For point number 1, the main emphasis is that we must recognize that what we are is ultimately reproduced in others. What we believe about being a disciple will ultimately be passed onto those whom we disciple.

This point leads us to the importance of the second point because if we don't recognize that discipleship is a lifestyle, then those whom we disciple wont either. We discuss the difference between engaging in explicitly Christian activities vs living an entire lifestyle of being and making disciples of Christ.

Lastly, we aimed to make the weight of making disciples lighter by addressing a common misconception about "ministry." Primarily, we explain using the Scripture how all of the Good and Faithful are called to be ministers, and being a minister likely doesn't mean what many think it means.  

And once again, before we close out the episode, we invite you to go back to Season One to review some of the spiritual disciplines involved in the life of the disciple; abiding in Christ, prayer, reading Scripture, fellowship with the saints, and living a life of worship. 

God bless you guys, thank you so much for joining us for this series. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes covering all kinds of topics that impact the life of the Good and Faithful. 

Remember, tell your wife, tell your kids, tell your family, tell your friends. We're telling everybody. We ARE the Good and Faithful!

Passages Included

Matthew 16:13-26
Proverbs 27:19 NIV
Matthew 6:30-34 ESV
Matthew 3:8, Luke 3:8 ESV
Galatians 5:16-26
John 15:1-11
Galatians 2:20 ESV
1 John 2:15-12 ESV
Ephesians 4:11-16 ESV
Colossians 3:23
Ephesians 1:17-21 ESV


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