G & F S2 Episode 1: Introduction


Welcome to the Good and Faithful Show where we inspire, educate, and train you to leverage all that God has given you to bless the nations and advance His Kingdom!

It’s time for the very first episode of our second season of the Good and Faithful Show! If you haven’t listened to our last season, we HIGHLY recommend you check it out here. This season we’re getting into practical life skills in the life of a Good and Faithful servant, beginning with time management.

In this episode we discuss the most valuable, non-renewable resource that God has entrusted us with. We’re talking about our use of time. More than money, our use of time is a great indicator of what we really value because time is the only thing that we can never get back or make more of. With that in mind, how can we be Good and Faithful in our use of time?

We discuss the four priorities we believe that should shape the way a Good and Faithful servant stewards the time that the Master has entrusted us with.

  1. Knowing God and making Him known
  2. Loving and serving your family
  3. Loving and serving people outside of your family
  4. Accomplishing the tasks that God has given you to do

This episode breaks down each one and explains how and why this list, written in order of precedence, is one of the best ways to structure our lives in such a way that we can maximize our use of time to bless the nations and advance God’s Kingdom.

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