Good and Faithful Show Season 1 Episodes

  • G & F Episode 6: A Life of Worship

    So, what is worship? Worship is a life lived for God. An entire life. Not just parts of it. Not the convenient parts. Not on Sunday only or during small group. It’s all of life. A living sacrifice. Just like Jesus showed us.
  • G & F Episode 5: Christ-Centered Fellowship

    In the end, it is the desire of our Lord that we would be unified in His name. In fact, it was His dying wish. The Good and Faithful servant prioritizes what his or her master prioritizes. So, let us be humble as He. Let us find our encouragement in Him, experience comfort in love, and participate in the Spirit. Let us learn to be the Good and Faithful together.
  • G & F Episode 4: Reading Scripture

    This week we’re discussing a subject that is near and dear to my own heart. We’re talking about reading Scripture! We’re instructed to rightly handle the Word of Truth. And so we will, because we ARE the Good and Faithful!
  • G & F Episode 3: A Life of Prayer

    Are you hungry? Ask for food. Are you lonely? Ask Him for a friend. Are there dreams you hope to accomplish? Share those with Him. Are you insecure about something? Let Him know. Don’t let your so-called theology get in the way of genuine prayer. Don’t let your doctrine or the doctrine of others serve as an obstacle. Stop calculating God’s response. Stop trying to figure out if it’s a worthy prayer. Just share yourself with Him in prayer. Turn and become like a child. Let Him be your Father!
  • G & F Episode 2: Abide

    This week we’re discussing THE most practical thing that a Good and Faithful servant can do to bless the nations and advance God’s Kingdom. We’re talking about learning how to abide in Jesus.
  • G & F Episode 1: Introduction

    A little about myself, Golfran Rivera, why this movement, and how the Good and Faithful Show is going to help us inspire, educate, and train you to leverage all that God has given you to bless the nations and advance His Kingdom!
  • Official G & F Trailer is live!

    Announcing the launch of the #GoodandFaithful movement! Listen in to learn more about this show and how we plan on bringing you content that will e...