G & F Exhortations | Spurring Each Other to be Good and Faithful

  • Chosen

    Even though we cannot qualify as His Good and Faithful, He has chosen us for that very thing. To be His Good and Faithful servants, declaring the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light! Knowing Him and making Him known.
  • Who You Are

    This statement regarding identity is thick with meaning and power. We hope to dive deeper into this over the next days to break down just how significant this statement is. For today, we hope it reminds you that you are not anything less than God’s chosen people.
  • Don't Let Love Grow Cold

    But He exhorts His people to endure to the end. He tells us to not grow weary of doing and to take every opportunity to do good to everyone, especially to each other (Gal 6:9-10). With this exhortation, He also warns us to not forget our first love in the midst of our patient labor for His name’s sake (Rev 2:2-5)
  • Sabbath Work

    Because it is His work that we do, where He has placed us, we draw closer to Him day by day, striving to enter into His rest (Heb 4:11) Our Father is working until now, and so we are working.
  • Work Hard and Serve the Lord

    Not every day will be a “success.” But every day is an opportunity to give our Master the best of what we have because He has chosen to give us His best. Every day is an opportunity to take what He has given us and to use it to serve Him by serving others in His name. Be encouraged today and remember that it is not you who works, but the grace of God that is with you (1 Cor 15:10).
  • To the Good and Faithful Parent

    The Creator of the universe, your Father in Heaven, has called you to parent children by training them in the way they should go. To avoid exacerbating them, but making sure to bring them up in the "training and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4)

    Do not let this world distract you from that magnificent Holy Spirit-led calling.