Work Hard and Serve the Lord

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It is often the case that the reason we accept less than excellence in our lives is because we are either trying to please only ourselves or to silence the voice of our critics. It is easy to give in to the urge to sleep in or to distract ourselves with entertainment or to give less than our best when the aim of our efforts is something less than worship.

But the Good and Faithful are not working for themselves. The Good and Faithful do not answer to the critics. We are those who know the One who has called us, and we know Him to be faithful. We know He is worthy of our best, and it is zeal for our Father’s house that consumes us. We are not motivated by selfish ambition or by insecurity. It is love for God and love for His people that drives us to give our absolute best.

Not every day will be a “success.” But every day is an opportunity to give our Master the best of what we have because He has chosen to give us His best. Every day is an opportunity to take what He has given us and to use it to serve Him by serving others in His name. Be encouraged today and remember that it is not you who works, but the grace of God that is with you (1 Cor 15:10).

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