Who You Are

1 Peter 2:9 God's chosen people and royal priesthood. Christian blogs about our identity in Christ as His good and faithful servant. Written by Christian apparel brand

This statement regarding identity is thick with meaning and power. We hope to dive deeper into this over the next days to break down just how significant this statement is.

For today, we hope it reminds you that you are not anything less than God’s chosen people. You are royalty, set apart as a member of a much larger community, and special in the eyes of Your Creator.

May this truth permeate your soul and move you to engage with what is set before you with confidence and zeal. May it guard you from cynicism and keep you from growing tired of doing good.

May it reminds you today that all that we do as God’s Good and Faithful is part of our declaration of praise of Him who called us out of darkness and into His glorious light.

For more on how to live a lifestyle of ministry as God's Good and Faithful, listen to our podcast and check our other blogs!

Tell your wife, tell your kids, tell your family, tell your friends. We're telling everybody. We ARE the Good and Faithful!

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